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DLRN builds and maintains yum repositories following OpenStack upstream commit streams. (DLRN is not an acronym or an abbreviation, and it can be pronounced "dee el arr en".)

Documentation is available at


# yum install git createrepo python-virtualenv mock gcc \
              redhat-rpm-config rpmdevtools httpd libffi-devel \
              openssl-devel yum-utils

Add the user you intend to run as to the mock group and login again.

$ git clone

If you want to serve the built packages and the status reports, enable the httpd service, and then either add a section in the server configuration to map a URL to the data directories, or create a symbolic link:

# systemctl start httpd
# cd /var/www/html
# ln -s <datadir>/repos .


$ cd DLRN
$ virtualenv ../dlrn-venv
$ . ../dlrn-venv/bin/activate
$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python develop

Edit projects.ini if needed.


Some of the projects require others to build. As a result, use the special option --order to build in the order computed from the BuildRequires and Requires fields of the spec files when you bootstrap your repository.

$ dlrn --order

When using this special option, a special variable repo_bootstrap is defined in the specs, with a value of 1. You can use this variable if needed, to break dependency loops between packages. For example:

%if 0%{?repo_bootstrap} == 0
BuildRequires: package-with-circular-dependency


Once all the packages have been built once, you can get back to build the packages in the order of the timestamps of the commits.

$ dlrn


If you interrupt dlrn during mock build you might get an error

OSError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: '/var/lib/mock/dlrn-fedora-x86_64/root/var/cache/yum'

Solution is to clear left-over bind mount as root:

# umount /var/lib/mock/dlrn-fedora-x86_64/root/var/cache/yum

Other requirements

If the git clone operation fails for a package, DLRN will try to remove the source directory using sudo. Please make sure the user running DLRN can run rm -rf /path/to/dlrn/data/* without being asked for a password, otherwise DLRN will fail to process new commits.