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Upgrade Rails 2.3 apps to use Bunder, convert Heroku gem manifest format (.gems) to Bundler format (Gemfile)

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Gemfile Tools

This library contains two tools:

  • bin/gemfile-from-dotgems: which converts Heroku gem manifest format (.gems) to Bundler format (Gemfile);
  • bin/gemfile-rails: which updates an entire Rails 2.3 application to use Bundler.

Usage for gemfile-from-dotgems:

gemfile-from-dotgems dot-gems-file [, dot-gems-file ...]
gemfile-from-dotgems < .gems
gemfile-from-dotgems < .gems > Gemfile

Usage for gemfile-rails:

Update a Rails 2.3 application to use Bundler:

* Generates a Gemfile from your config.gem lines and heroku .gems file (if present)
* Adds the necessary code in config/boot.rb and the config/preinitializer.rb file
* Excises the config.gem lines from your environment files and the .gems file
* If run on a git repository with a clean stage, stage all the changes made

  gemfile-rails [PATH]

PATH is the path to your rails application. If not provided, the working directory is assumed.

See also:
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