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IT conferences Call For Papers list

Please file Pull Requests for missing conferences. Commits from this repo automatically lands on @ItCfpList and in public Google Calendar.

Please keep commits names consistent with schema: <Conference name> (@TwitterHandle #TwitterTag) - <> - <City>, <Country>.

List sorted by CFP end date descending (oldest and probably already finished last).

CFP end Conference Date City, Country Name CFP Link Keywords
2020.07.15 2020.10.08-09 Budapest, Hungary Hacktivity 2020 here Computer Security, Cyber Security, Hacking, IoT
2020.05.31 2020.10.12-13 Prague, Czech Republic ReactiveConf 2020 here JavaScript, Software Development, Frontend, Design, Meta, Web
2020.05.10 2020.08.28-29 Kraków, Poland dynamIT 2020 here Programming, soft skills
2020.04.17 2020.09.09-10 Oslo, Norway JavaZone 2020 here Java, JVM, Languages, Software Architecture, Frontend, Web, DevOps, AI/Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Cloud, Cloud-native, Kubernetes, Microservices, Security, Agile, Digitalisation
2020.05.06 2020.09.07-09 Barcelona, Spain JBCNConf 2020 here Java, JVM languages (Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, etc), Android, Cloud, Kubernetes, Microservices, Docker, Testing, TDD, DDD, CI, CD, Functional Programming
2020.04.11 2020.06.17 Paris, France DataXDay 2020 here Data Engineering, ML, AI, Data Architecture, Data Security, Craftsmanship, Streaming Data
2020.03.31 2020.05.30 Zielona Góra, Poland GreenfieldConf 2020 here Craftsmanship, Versatile
2020.03.20 2020.09.24-25 Madrid, Spain Codemotion Madrid 2020 here JavaScript, Frontend,Design UX/UI, Languages, Game Dev, Mobile, Software Architectures, Java, DevOps, Cloud, Kubernetes, Microservices, Cybersecurity, Rust, Quantum, Blockchain, Voice & Digital Assistants, AI/Machine Learning, IoT, AR/XR/MR, Diversity & Inclusion, Inspirational, IT Careers, Agile, Ethics, Green Tech
2020.03.17 2020.06.08 Amsterdam, Netherlands HashiConf EU here Infrastructure-as-Code, Cloud Operating Model, Cloud-native
2020.02.29 2020.06.05 Amsterdam, Netherlands JSNation 2020 here JavaScript, TypeScript, Front-end
2020.02.29 2020.05.11 Karlsruhe, Germany Sencha Community Days 2020 here ExtJS, Sencha, JavaScript, Web
2020.02.28 2020.05.13-15 Kraków, Poland GeeCON here Java, JVM, architecture, craftsmanship, mobile
2020.02.23 2020.05.14-15 Barcelona, Spain Spring I/O here Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JVM, Cloud, Microservices, Web, Reactive, Kotlin...
2020.02.15 2020.06.02-04 Copenhagen, Denmark GR8Conf and JDK IO here Java & Groovy, Microservices, Web, Big Data, Architecture, Cloud, ...
2020.02.14 2020.06.17-19 Kraków, Poland Devoxx Poland here Java, Web, Big Data, Architecture, ...
2020.01.31 2020.04.17 Amsterdam, Netherlands React Summit Amsterdam 2020 here React, React Native, GraphQL
2020.01.13 2020.03.26 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Build IT Right 2020 here Software Development, Architecture, Agile
2020.01.20 2020.03.26 Budapest, Hungary BSides Budapest 2020 here Computer Security, Cyber Security, Hacking, IoT

Previous and finished CFPs can be found here.


List of Call For Papers for IT conferences





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