Modulator and Demodulator for HAM Radio AX.25 audio signals
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A connector library for communicating with modem software (like eg soundmodem UZ7HO SoundModem) through AGWPE connection. This library allows to listen for received AX.25 frames on the soundmodem as well as to send AX.25 frames up.

High Level View, Basic Architecture and Usage

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Modem-Connector library communicates with SoundModem through AGWPE connection. The soundmodem can be replaced with any AGWPE enabled modem supporting AGWPE protocol. AGWPE communication is implemented using simple JVM Socket mechanism over TCP/IP.

AGWPE Frames are sent over the communication channel between the library itself and the AGWPE enabled modem software, specific port and host needs to be provided either through configuration file, runtime flags or constructor injection.

AGWPE frame is characterized by its command type (single lower/upper case letter) and its payload. The library focuses mainly on sending and receiving AX.25 Row data frames and supports only a couple of additional commands.

When AX.25 frame is received on the SoundModem, the AGWPE frame is sent over to the Modem-Connector library, the payload of this AGWPE frame is the raw AX.25 frame. The Ax.25 frame gets extracted and its passed over to the subscribed listeners.

Basic Usage

  val connector: AGWPEConnector = new AGWPEConnector
  val observer: PrintLineAX25Observer = new PrintLineAX25Observer


  val connector: AGWPEConnector = new AGWPEConnector("", 8000, 3000)
  val observer: PrintLineAX25Observer = new PrintLineAX25Observer

AX.25 Listeners

The most basic listener printing the content of received AX.25 Frame to console

class PrintLineAX25Observer extends Observer[AX25Frame] {

  override def receiveUpdate(subject: AX25Frame): Unit = {
    // scalastyle:off regex
    // scalastyle:on regex

Listening for Service Messages

Currently the Modem-Connector library supports listening for 3 types of messages:

  • Version
  • ConnectStatus
  • DisconnectStatus

Version Service Message is received on library startup when AGWPE Connection is sucessfully established with the SoundModem.

Listener for received Service Messages

class ServiceMessageListener extends Observer[ServiceMessage] {

override def receiveUpdate(message: ServiceMessage): Unit = {
    // scalastyle:off regex
    // scalastyle:on regex

Sending AX.25 Frames over to AGWPE Enabled Modem (SoundModem)

connector object (AGWPEConnector) created at the beggining is a single entry point for modem communication, to send the AX.25 message over to SoundModem the following method exposed by connector needs to be executed:

  def sendAx25Frame(frame: AX25Frame): Unit


sbt run

or if the jar was already built with sbt assembly then execute:

java -jar path-to-the-jar/pwsat-modem-lib.jar


sbt test


sbt scalastyle


sbt clean coverage test

Please note that for proper test execution the appropriate properties (like eg. valid soundinterface name) must be set