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The structure does WHAT!?

Some code from a project built during the 2017 Geophysics Hackathon.


  • Nate Suurmeyer
  • Nanne Hemstra
  • Chris Ennen
  • Jacob Foshee

geocells CLI

The geocells directory contains a tool that can do a few things:

  • Generates random locations, we use as well locations
  • Computes a "distance field" horizon where each cell has a distance-to-nearest-well
  • Also computes a "score" for each horizon sample proportional to porosity and inversely proportional to depth and distance-to-well

We treat Inline as X and Crossline as Y.


Requires the .NET Core tools.

cd geocells
dotnet build


The primary input is a horizon which is tab-delimited with a header like the following:

"Inline"	"Crossline"	"Z"	"Porosity"	"Amplitude"

To generate 5 well locations in the inline/crossline space of the horizon:

dotnet run -- gen well_locations.csv -h horizon.txt -n 5

To calculate distances to wells and very rough metrics of well location goodness:

dotnet run -- crunch horizon.txt well_locations.csv output_horizon.csv


The included sample data is courtesy of the dGB Open Seismic Repository. We used horizon FS8 from Netherlands Offshore F3 Block.