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Model Mobile SSD Faster RCNN
Test Loss 1.5 0.1016
Trained Rounds 5114 7167


  • Uncompress the train & test images

    • Images inside images are compressed into train.tar.gz and test.tar.gz folders.
    • Navigate to images folder and type "bash" in your terminal.
  • Create csv records for the xml files

    • Navigate to images and run file
  • Create tfrecords

    • Navigate to images and see the script for instructions.
  • Once you generate xml files and tfrecords, the files should be available under images/data

  • Create a folder called training in the root folder.

  • If you want to do transfer learning pull the model & config files from tensorflow zoo and put the in the root folder.

  • Move the config file to training/ folder and change the config file to match the paths.

  • To train the model:

    • python --logstderr --train_dir=training/ --pipeline_config_path=training/ssd_mobilenet_v1_pets.config
  • Export inference graphs

  • Paste the graph folders to outputs/ folder

  • Count the no.of bounding boxes

    • python


  • usage
    • python -input=input_folder_images -output=output_folder -height=800 -width=600


  • To compress the images which are inside train & test folders inside data/images/processed

    • tar -cvzf train.tar.gz train
    • tar -cvzf test.tar.gz test
  • Rectlabel App in Mac / LabelImg open source:

    • The bounding boxes around the images were created using Rectlabel tool available for MAC.
    • We can also use Labelimg open source tool for this task.


  • Modified version of from racoon github repo.
  • from racoon github repo.
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