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SOGEBOT 12.5.1

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@github-actions github-actions released this 27 Jan 14:13


Bug Fixes

  • alerts - test dialog should properly render inputs (5f6685b5)
  • alerts - trigger error on incorrectly selected reward (33c84764)
  • getCustomRewards - return correct error if caster doesn't have access (ab1ec3f0)
  • rewardDropdown - handle null values correctly (e545681b)
  • timers - respnse should properly rerender on deletion (6196a162)
  • tmi - trigger join event if offline user send message, Fixes discord#803935611487780865 (950af622)


Bug Fixes

  • emotes - fetch emotes on stream start (dbe204ba)
  • parser - higher price priority to check first (8a90ff0c)