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SOGEBOT 5.11.3

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@sogehige sogehige released this 09 Jan 09:36

5.11.3 CHANGES


  • SONGREQUEST - fixed Video Unavailable issue on certain yt videos

5.11.2 CHANGES


  • UI - fixed eventlist widget invalid date

5.11.1 CHANGES


  • LOGGING - fixed logs not being shown in ui

5.11.0 CHANGES


  • SONGS - added songs_notify settings which would add notification to chat on beginning if each song
  • API - if webhook for follows are correctly subscribed, disable event from API
  • API - added bearer token for api to get more calls
  • PARSER - added $querystring to be used in api filter - see #635
  • COMMAND - !top splitted to three different commands so it could be used in aliases, etc
  • COMMAND - added !subs and !followers commands #334
  • COMMAND - added !_debug command for easier issues creation
  • WEBHOOKS - added stream start webhook
  • WIDGETS - update songs widget with requested by username
  • WIDGETS - eventlist resub and cheer will have message saved and shown
  • VIEWERS - added subscribed_at for subscribed users, this will be updated per sub/resub event (cannot be polled from API)
  • UNICODE SUPPORT - update libraries to work better with unicode chars (commands, keywords, etc)


  • ALERTS - filters should work with !alerts
  • ALIAS - alias should be case insensitive
  • WEBHOOKS - should not fire follow event twice anymore
  • HIGHLIGHTS - fix saving highlights
  • TWITTER INTEGRATION - event listeners tweet will have access to global variables and filters
  • POINTS - fixed issue where commands are used with uppercased usernames
  • NEDB - fixed deleting game in change game/title dialog
  • UI - gambling settings should not be visible if gambling is disabled
  • UI - fixed title creation through change game/title dialog
  • UI - fixed issues when title ended with space
  • UI - fixed issue with duplication titles in game/title/dialog
  • UI - removed offset calculation, in some occasions page could get force rewrite because of it
  • UI - various performance updates
  • UI - fixed issue with changing stop/start time when song widget is in dashboard
  • UI - if game have sequel ('Watch Dogs', 'Watch Dogs 2'), first one cannot be selected as a game
  • APISTATS - properly clean up stats older than 2h
  • LOGGING - fix incorrect timeout warning count in logs