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@sogehige sogehige released this 02 Jul 12:00
· 5980 commits to master since this release

5.6.1 Hotfix Changes


  • Fixed crash on Windows, where logs filename contain not allowed ':' char

5.6.0 Changes


  • Fixed issue where raffle is announced even when winner is already picked
  • Fixed incorrectly shown description header in highlights manage page
  • Fixed (api.#) parsing where parser was more greedy for results than necessary
  • Fixed reloading chat and twitch monitor widgets when dashboard was opened in another browser
  • Fixed soundboard widget playing multiple sounds at once
  • Fixed !rank set with custom ranks with spaces
  • Fixed issue, where ranks are not properly displayed in !me
  • Fixed issue, where parser cannot recognize uppercased commands
  • Fixed issue, where system logs (follows, hosts etc.) were not properly logged
  • Fixed !followage, where username was case sensitive
  • Fixed unfollow log to show twice
  • Fixed !points give where user doesn't received his points
  • Fixed betting all points on !gamble and !duel
  • Fixed incorrect trigger length for some moderation systems
  • Improved moderation capitals checks to include unicode uppercase chars (cyrillic)
  • Fixed issue with message count in dashboard starts to pile up to crazy numbers
  • Fixed counting messages to stats if sent as whispers
  • Fixed gambling commands to always send to channel chat even when user whispers
  • Emotes will not count for capitals moderation checking
  • Stream restart (in reasonable time) will not create new stream in stats and will not reset dashboard stats
  • Fixed issue, where not lower cased aliases commands in chat may end up in endless loop and eats up CPU
  • Fixed !raffle probability in win messge was not correctly rounded


  • Added volume slider to YTPlayer widget
  • Added Ticket Raffles to raffles system
  • Added new hosted event for event listeners
  • Added EventList overlay with support of cheer, resub, sub, follow and host
  • Added X points per X messages option
  • Added locales for forgotten strings, public playlist
  • Added reset points button for viewers in webpanel
  • Added ranks edit in webpanel
  • Added !top messages command
  • Added cooldown webpanel editation, !cooldown toggle for enable/disable of cooldown
  • Added webpanel stats hide/show toggle button
  • Changed way logs are created - new logs for each run
  • Added optional count argument for !permit <username> <optional-count>
  • Added probability and bet ticket count for !duel
  • Added CommandBoard widget to run some simple commands (alerts, etc.)


  • Recommended Node.js version updated to 8.x