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@sogehige sogehige released this 01 Sep 15:22
· 5900 commits to master since this release



  • Fixed issue with !fightme when mod is starting fight
  • Fixed issue with log event using legacy variable format
  • Improved sockets auth process
  • Fixed undefined error when editing ranks in webpanel


  • Expose several variables for responses ($title, $game, $viewers, $views, $hosts, $followers, $subscribers)
  • Added console only debug mode
  • Replays in alert overlay now have class replay
  • !alert videos can have specified class (default: video)
  • Added several replay filters and remove 3rd party video player



  • Fix issues with dashboard



  • Fixed issue, where toggle notify button cannot be changed in command cooldowns
  • !seppuku and !roulette won't depend on points system
  • Current title is visible and preselected in change dialog in webpanel
  • Fixed issue where operation run-command was not properly triggered by owner user
  • Fixed widget chat and twitch monitor not load correctly, if bot is behind https protocol
  • !followage diff is fixed if follow happened under hour
  • Fixed issue where uppercased commands are incorrectly parsed
  • Fixed incorrectly counted delay in !alert
  • Fixed issue, where certain titles cannot be deleted
  • Fixed alerts being played over others alerts


  • Added x-offset and y-offset support for !alert image type
  • Toggle for subscribers ban on moderation blacklists
  • Added commercial system, widget, event, operation and !commercial to run commercials through a bot
  • !seppuku and !roulette have now broadcaster and mod replies
  • Added GET properties for eventlist (docs)
  • Saved title editation through right-click in webpanel
  • Toggle options for cooldowns moderators and owners
  • Custom warning/ban messages for moderation
  • Added dashboard logger with filters
  • Added simple media gallery (audio, video, images) into settings
  • Added posibility to have keywords on cooldown
  • Whispers can be disabled for several systems and for listening of commands (in webpanel at settings->systems)
  • Support for Phillips Hue lights, !hue and !hue list commands (docs)
  • Added subscribers and bits count to quick stats panel and to overlay stats
  • Added !fightme (duel with timeout) to gambling system
  • Added separate cooldowns for !fightme, !duel - too complicated to be used with cooldown system
  • Added video support for !alert
  • Added (math.#) filter, filters are now usable in events as well
  • Added ability to show OBS replays through alerts overlay in a bot and ticker (how to setup)
  • Added twitter integration - post a twitter message through event operation or from widget (how to setup)


  • Default value for moderation of links with spaces is now set to false


  • You need to redo your commands cooldowns, as they will be treated as keyword cooldowns
  • You need to change all your variables used in custom commands, events, etc. from (variable) format to $variable
  • Please, update your config.ini with domain and token