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@sogehige sogehige released this 28 Nov 13:34
· 5700 commits to master since this release



  • filters are showing into text inputs
  • twitter widget was not properly updated to new UI
  • cmdboard widget items cannot be deleted - right-click menu was not showing



  • MongoDB support -
  • !rank will show next rank and how many hours left to next rank
  • added eval response filter to evaluate simple javascript scripts (!8ball, etc.)
  • added timers system replacing notice system
  • !alias edit, !commands edit, !keyword edit, !rank edit commands
  • added !set sendWithMe true/false to set if bot should use /me for messages
  • added join/part list widget for simple checkout of users joining and parting from chat
  • added viewer list for chat widget
  • various UI updates
  • change bot responses through UI
  • added (list.ranks) response filter
  • added support for FrankerFaceZ for emotes overlay
  • added flv support for alerts overlay
  • added eventlist widget


  • fixed issue when some translated elements will revert back to default value on input click
  • fixed tab switch on chat widget, where it cannot be switched back from settings tab
  • fixed issue, where several (list.#) responses were incorrectly parsed
  • fixed incorrect !fightme timeouts when mod and broadcaster is involved
  • fixed not correctly populated public playlist
  • fixed overlay emotes having issue with caching twitch emotes
  • fixed issue where systems settings is not shown in panel when points and songs systems are disabled
  • fixed issue, where api response filter cannot properly parse url with &
  • fixed unconvenient behavior with !followage and !age used with @username
  • fixed issue with !rank percentage doesn't start on 0% between ranks
  • fixed gambling !gamble points names are not correctly parsed
  • fixed gambling !gamble points are not correctly counted
  • fixed live<->vodcast is considered as new stream


  • migration will be running automatically on bot start
  • refactored db handling - will enable ability to add different db engines (mongodb, postgresql) in future
  • you will need to re-do your configuration, config.ini is not supported anymore. Check config.example.json and create your own config.json file
  • removed notice system in favor of timers
  • !merge have updated syntax
  • removed manage->stats as twitch is starting to have nice stats and is pointless to keep up-to-date
  • simplified raffles