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@sogehige sogehige released this 05 Dec 13:10


  • $monthsName support to events resub (1 month, 2 months)
  • !gamble all, !duel all, !bet <option> all, !points give <user> all, !<raffle-keyword> all - all will use all user points
  • replaced bot responses tabs with settings->Custom translations, where all bot responses can be set through UI
  • added (if|#) filter
  • added random and is variable into eval
  • added overflow to song requests table in UI


  • variables are shown in several lines if text is too long
  • fixed api filter not correctly parsing JSON data
  • fixed issue where run-command event operation doesn't replace all variables
  • bets cannot be opened and using bets widget will cause bot crash
  • fixed issue where start-commercial event will crash a bot
  • if eval return have another filters, they will be parsed
  • eval should not return encoded entities anymore
  • fixed changing permissions for command with one char like !a
  • fixed issue with (!command) where sender is not correctly propagated
  • fixed eval sender will have @ according to atUsername settings
  • default permission set to alias will be same as command
  • fixed incorrect button wrapping in ui logs
  • quick action menu will now have checkboxes to be more understandable what is enabled/disabled


  • fully removed using of stats.db