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@sogehige sogehige released this 09 Mar 16:47


  • API - Fixed incorrect endpoint url


  • API - don't recheck sub api if oauth is not correct
  • LOCALES - missing placeholder for credits speed
  • CUSTOM VARIABLES - possibly fixed issues with custom variables in titles, where title lost ability to track custom variables
  • UI - fixed some elements incorrectly placed
  • UI - missing $sender filter in custom commands
  • UI - fixed long message wrapping in eventlist
  • UI - toggle percentage show in stats will change instantly instead of every 30s
  • UI - fixed reloading of chat widget if another tab is opened
  • SUBGIFT - time of subscription was incorrectly set to gifter not new subscriber
  • EVENTS - fixed issue where eval filter was not working correctly on send message
  • API - fixed issue where game is empty or not found in twitch db
  • CHEERS - removed cheerX or channelCheerX emotes from message
  • PERMISSION - fixed where alias permissions can be changed
  • POINTS - fixed issue, where points by X messages was not counted if messages were too fast
  • OVERLAYS, TEXT - fixed issue when some unicode characters are used
  • OVERLAYS, TEXT - fixed issue when empty custom variable used
  • FILTERS, EVAL - fixed issue when eval return contain quiet command filter (!!#)
  • FILTERS, CUSTOM VARIABLES - fixed issue where mods cannot change variables


  • CREDITS - various configuration options
  • CREDITS - clips can be shown in credits
  • CREDITS - custom text for credits
  • CREDITS - dynamic social links
  • UI - bot join to channel and leave from channel in menu dropdown
  • UI - added togglers for song request and playlist in ytplayer widget
  • UI - added simple routing, support for refresh and back button
  • MODERATION - added moderationLinksClips to set if you want clips links moderated or not
  • MODERATION - added .money, .bet to link moderation
  • MODERATION - added 60s cooldown for moderation messages
  • GAMES, HEIST - added heist game -> settings can be found in UI, settings->games
  • FILTERS - added $currentSong variable, usable in commands and text overlay
  • FILTERS - added $_variable support for math filter
  • USERS, UI - added bits count to user stats
  • USERS - added subscription tiers to eventlist, viewers page
  • INTEGRATIONS, STREAMLABS - added streamlabs integration
  • EVENTS - added tip event to widget and events
  • OVERLAYS, TEXT - added font awesome support


  • CREDITS - fade in/out animation


  • UI - font awesome version bump 4 -> 5
  • UI - average stats are counted more accurately now
  • EVENTS - moved hosted event settings from global variables to per event definitions