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@sogehige sogehige released this 17 Mar 14:34

HOTFIX 6.2.1

524812b - overlay/eventlist: Fix incorrect function on socket get
baa1622 - integration/spotify: Add e.stack to refresh token for more information


  • API - Removed old endpoint for total followers
  • OVERLAYS, CREDITS - Added event aggregation
  • OVERLAYS, CREDITS - Fixed text overflow when clips have too long title
  • INTEGRATIONS, SPOTIFY - Added spotify integration -> set in UI->integrations
  • INTEGRATIONS, DONATIONALERTS - Moved settings from config.json to UI->integrations
  • INTEGRATIONS, STREAMLABS - Moved settings from config.json to UI->integrations
  • UI, WIDGETS - Added popout option to eventlist and chat
  • UI, WIDGETS - Fixed rare issue when eventlist is not properly loading
  • UI, WIDGETS - Fixed eventlist icons have not same width
  • UI, WIDGETS - Added draggable, resizable widgets
  • UI, WIDGETS - Styling updates
  • UI, WIDGETS, EVENTLIST - Changed behavior of returning events, to not skip events
  • UI, THEMES - Fixed not readable text on some buttons on dark theme
  • RESUBSCRIPTION - Added tier used to resubscription
  • USERS, MESSAGES - Count stats messages only if stream is online
  • LOGS - Added log rotating
  • GAME, HEIST - Fixed issue, where some elements and UI cannot be updated


  • If you have Streamlabs or DonationAlerts set up on config.json, please re-do your config in UI->integrations
  • Widgets upgrade will remove all your widgets