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@sogehige sogehige released this 06 Apr 23:50


  • winston:
    • Updated winston to latest 3.x version
  • !_debug:
    • Debug information will be saved to sogebot.log and not send as message
  • tips:
    • Added user stats for tips and tips were added to stream info panel
    • Added !top tips command
  • currency:
    • Added default currency settings
      • can be set through ui, settings->systems->others
      • can be set through message, !set currency USD
    • Set currency will be uses in ui viewers, top tips, aggregated credits tips, etc.
    • Available currency list:
      • Default: USD
  • cluster:
    • bot is running in cluster mode now
    • if you are migrating from 6.x, update your config.json - add (for example) "cpu": 4
    • NOTE: this value affecting number of processes bot is running (not working on nedb, this can only have one process)
  • others:
    • updated commands for !command add, !command edit, !alias add, !alias edit, see wiki


7883c68 lib/logging: Update winston to 3.x
ff85ccc lib/parser: Save started, success in queue namely except just numbers
8bbe2ed lib/configuration: !_debug will be saved only in a log
11dfd72 ui/css: Make dark theme more grey than black
12be5ab overlay/credits: Add space after aggregated columns
616b378 overlay/credits: Set max number of zero of tips to 2
1a6c005 widget/eventlist: Fix resub icon misalignment
a51e218 lib/events: Fix check of stream-is-running-x-minutes
920a603 css: Add padding to some card titles
af215b2 lib/events: Fix send message not sending if username null
d0bded5 lib/logging: Add username if available
991cda7 lib/panel: Fix webpanel link on startup
4d4b331 users: Add Tips stats for each user
1345868 ui: Add tips to stream info panel
4f3905a lib/twitch: Add '!top tips' command
76d1ae0 lib/users: Move bits and tips to separate db collection
44677d9 lib/currency: Add simple currency exchange library
fad53fc lib/currency: Add default currency setting
5220e0a lib/logging: Set logfiles size to 5M
2358412 tools/migrate: Add bits migration
5cdb09c lib/logging: Add console transport for exceptions
7e5f198 ui/viewers: Fix utf-8 encoding
0087641 ui/systems: Add configuration for currency
959c50e lib/currency: Return new exchange value as float
ef63ff7 theme/dark: Make secondary buttons darker
72f07ac main: Properly inspect unhandledRejection promise
5374913 css: Lower padding for eventlist messages
593bfc8 lib/stats: Fix NaN if attribute is not saved in db
4d1f96d dashboard: Remove incorrect ids from join/part buttons
079c91e lib/events: Order attributes to replace by length
cfb7c7a js/commons: Order filters by length
80b5d55 js/commons: Add withFilters fnc for filters parsing
b93808f page/events: Properly parse filters on event load
732f364 locale: Fix moderationLinksClips message
6672fcf lib/twitch: Fix follow time on initial load
7098136 main: Check if user is follower on each message
fa4dffc lib/twitch: Use correct timestamp for follow time
8b09b92 lib/twitch: Save follow time as Integer
b0e813f lib/user: Save follow time as Integer
06cd2b2 lib/users: Check users after overlay is initialized
08d43a4 lib/webhooks: Pick correct domain from config
d2301a8 ui: Add warning if dashboard accessed from incorrect domain
698d3c5 integration/donationalerts: Add more socket debug messages
424f5c5 system/commands: Fix edit of response starting with !
9223d57 lib/webhooks: Force check follower event to_id
562a78e core: Add cluster support
bb24e3e package: dependency update
5a89932 package: 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT
dbabb48 core: Fix several function calls
7930fa7 core: Fix getLocalizedName calls
2e7767e lib/message: Fix refresh of custom_variable widget
d37511d lib/message: Fix setTitleAndGame calls
7485855 lib/events: Fix message send to random worker
daefea4 core: Fix incorrect bot load sequence
3ae615b overlay/emotes, system/raffles: Fix error if sender is null
5a0a3bd lib/twitch: Fix incorrect uptime response
b4a5b19 db/mongodb: Add index creation on connect
7fa73de lib/commons: Fix sendMessage incorrect channel
bee49a3 main: Fix sendMessage incorrect channel
aa7c0e3 lib/api: wait for channelId before follow check
b8b944f overlay/credits: Fix clip fetch
c7bd2a1 various: Fix incorrect settings loading
b1d6c1f lib/api: Change getCurrentStreamData to check every 30s
04f2e33 lib/cache: Fix mistakenly deleted cache on title update
4d3d13e lib/webhooks: Fix incorrect function calls
62efb41 overlay/credits: Fix insert of multi lines at once
04f4d54 system/moderation: Fix warning count
d8a4170 test/moderation: Add test for #884
d78ce01 lib/cache: Fix save of isOnline var if false
31a338a lib/twitch: Fix uptime command response
eea1118 system/moderation: Add caps debug messages
1ead1af lib/configuration: Remove panel update on lang change
14d1aaf various: Add await for message prepare
241403d lib/webhooks: Fix channelId check
0207e97 system/moderation: Fix capitals check with emotes
a18f5e1 ui/viewers: extend user editation
8ad4043 system/command: Add missing return
9cbda39 lib/message: Fix (api) filter undefined message
67d13c8 lib/api: Ensure that setTimeout is called everytime
4aa412a system/commands: Add custom permissions
db0ab36 system/alias: Add custom permissions
c0e67c9 test/alias: Update tests for custom permissions
8a003b0 tests/command: Update tests for custom permissions
2ea2bb6 lib/api: Fix multiple getCurrentStreamData intervals
cf19cf3 lib/cache: Fix get and save for game title/status
06ed321 various: Fix startup issues when APIStats needs to be removed
6d11704 tools/commits: Add for changelog commit listing
7b3806f tools/commits: List commits from certain commit
8757923 system/moderation: Fix incorrect timeout logs and cooldown
89973c8 lib/configuration: Fix !set lang propagation
f3d9e16 system/moderation: Fix timeout announcing
72d2078 lib/logging: Cleanup comment
9124f5b system/moderation: Fix incorrect timeout messages
0e76f2d integration/spotify: Add more debug messages
591f34e integration/spotify: Fix getMe() when display_name is not set in spotify
88d7ab9 various: Rename APIStats collection to api.stats
7e5533d db/nedb: Add ensureIndex to increase performance
8031dfd lib/api: Fix followed_at error when user id is not defined
d9f5fc2 db/nedb: Add unique restraint for usernames
dadb405 lib/webhooks: Fix incorrect getGameFromId call
bcc47de system/gambling: Fix timeout calls
ab6ff67 lib/api: Fix error with empty game
e18a73f lib/api: Add chatters check on unofficial API
73c5333 lib/api: remove unnecessary if
902ff9c ui/viewers: Add filters for subscriber, regular, follower, active
a8b062c lib/api: Fix incorrect api stats collection
6bacb31 various: Count preciseDiff only as UTC times