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@sogehige sogehige released this 09 Apr 12:13
  • memory leak:
    • Fixed memory leak introduced by cluster implementation
  • performance:
    • Fixed several bot hard locks
  • 17fcb90 tools/migrate: Fix migration errors
  • a1c3b82 package: fix missing cluster.js in zip
  • b493a90 lib/twitch: Fix undefined currency on !top tips
  • 273d28c tests/moderation: Add !permit multiple link test
  • d30b763 various: Fix missing await on some configuration values
  • 5ecc781 libs/api: Fix incorrect account created_at fetch
  • 8c2690a lib/configuration: Fix !_debug errors
  • d589034 lib/api: Make all variables permanent
  • e34e2be overlay/stats: Fix sending incorrect data
  • f66b3fc integration/donationalerts: Fix saving tips when stream is online
  • 59c19b6 integration/streamlabs: Fix saving tips when stream is online
  • 0be14c6 overlay/credits: Fix get of current game and status
  • ae7f5c0 lib/webhooks: Fix update of game and status on stream start
  • 6e72ec5 lib/message: Fix get of game and status filters
  • a4ad421 main: Fix current bit increment when stream online
  • b63cf17 lib/events: Fix check on current viewers
  • ee56838 lib/stats: Expire api.stats automatically after 24h
  • 81f6b06 system/cooldown: Fix not respecting disableCooldownWhispers value
  • 559eb43 db/master: Cleanup expired data periodically
  • 4b9222c lib/api: Move raw status logic after online check
  • c0bfab3 db/master: Cleanup data as soon as they are finished
  • 755f0f5 db/master: Up timestamp threshold to delete data
  • c72139a db/master: Fix incorrect error messages
  • e614f7b db/master: Remove dbAck
  • 99d7ca7 db/master: Add retries for getting data from worker
  • 6ca0461 system/keyword: Fix parser being enabled regardless system status
  • b1e9ded db/all: Remove threading locks
  • 20bc74c cluster: Add debug messages
  • 68e26f6 lib/api: Mute unofficial chatters errors in log
  • 0cc315f various: Move online users status to collection
  • df78279 lib/users: Fix set all users as offline
  • 94db688 lib/users: Fix watch time increment when user is not existing
  • dccbfff db/master: Run cleanup faster
  • 678a6bc db/master: Fix incorrect deletion of finished calls
  • 72b7af6 lib/api: Add wait for widgets on chatters
  • 107e050 db/mongodb: Drop Index on startup
  • ebf8478 db/mongodb: Check if collection is existing before dropIndex
  • e5ee7bf various: Fix incorrect use of append -> push
  • b89e4c7 lib/twitch: Add missing await
  • a56a35e lib/twitch: Fix !game and !title on cluster worker
  • dc316a9 system/commands: Fix remove of upper case command from param
  • fcd1e38 lib/message: Remove sender from random filters
  • 677d08b lib/message: Exclude bot from random filter
  • e75ebe6 lib/users: Fix incorrect return state of user activity
  • 765372c db/mongodb: Add insertMany support
  • 82855ef lib/api: Add bulk operations to prevent bot lock