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@sogehige sogehige released this 02 Jun 11:25
  • Added custom variables registry and updated custom variable widget
  • Note: you need to recreate your variables
  • Added $!_customvar filter with forcefully silenced set message
  • $_customvar and $!_customvar now accept + and - as params to increment and decrement by one
  • Overhaul of image carousel overlay, more settings for each image
  • Note: you will need to reupload your images to image carousel as they will not be stored as files but in db
  • Added type clip to be able to play in alerts
  • Clip creation and play through overlay/alerts
    • Note: if you want to use clip creation, re-do your oauth (need clips:edit permission)
  • Trigger events by keywords
  • [b30b1ee] lib/commons: Remove reduntant toLowerCase()
  • [5fe09dd] system/moderation: Add .me as domain suffix
  • [57049be] lib/users: Fix UI filtering of active users
  • [c6010bc] tools/migrate: Remove not used from user collection
  • [10facab] system/points: Save points time as date
  • [28cbfa6] ui: Fix NaN when viewers value is hidden
  • [d2ea7dd] widget/twitch: Set protocol http/https as appropriate
  • [15d461b] libs/users: Fix ui active filtering
  • [0add586] overlay/alert: Add clip type support
  • [9fe49cb] lib/panel: Fix set of domain access if contains whitespaces
  • [11f55be] system/bet: Add more accurate error message
  • [e77dbd9] lib/cache: Use cache.titles collection instead of cache
  • [b7e7246] cluster: Fix incorrect set of online user on message
  • [4b99edb] lib/api: Trigger only reset events on stream start
  • [c156af7] lib/events: Fix placebo event reset
  • [9380066] lib/message: Fix custom variable in eval
  • [0fb9038] various: Fix propagation of quiet
  • [b7f2737] lib/message: Add $!_cvar and + and **params support
  • [88fe282] chore: Create
  • [222ecee] lib/panel: Use bot username as bot name in panel
  • [cf03447] lib/message: Fix inc/dec when variable is saved as string
  • [3259bfa] **Update
  • [2e5bf7a] widget/customvariables: Fix error onSave
  • [5d1d31e] overlay/imageCarousel: Extend configurability
  • [767d14d] widget/custom_variables: Fix variable save if name contains only numbers
  • [6b574e5] system/bets: Fix index and options list
  • [936800f] lib/users: Fix updating user message count
  • [bfda15a] lib/message: Fix variable set if url() return string
  • [ef31333] ui: Fix translation for 'create and use a new game' input
  • [0e8f166] chore: Update
  • [f9d5838] chore: Update dependencies
  • [26679e5] overlay/alerts: Fix regexp cutting part of url if contain =
  • [ed77eee] lib/events: Add keyword-send-x-times event
  • [ad53271] lib/events: Add create-a-clip and create-a-clip-and-play-replay events
  • [9f1e860] overlay/alerts: Fix data extract when using another =
  • [e5a25e3] chore: revert snekfetch version to 3.6.4
  • [ed9f1b4] lib/message: Force return empty qs if param is null
  • [42ab4c9] main: 1 cpu by default if not specified in config
  • [af94090] locale/cs: Fix $winner for fightme
  • [eed5911] lib/customvariables: Add custom variables library
  • [4b5fec1] chore: Update AUTHORS