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@sogehige sogehige released this 07 Feb 16:43
· 4015 commits to master since this release
  • add migration between supported databases, see docs
  • updated subscribers endpoint to new helix api
  • added history of custom variables
  • added toggle to be able to add only music category videos
  • added remove buttons to song requests in widget
  • added me system enabling settings of format of !me
  • moved top to separate system
  • added !top subage
  • added goal registry and overlay to track followers, subscribers, tips and bits
  • added subgift count to users
  • added substreak to users
  • added cumulative months of subscription to users
  • split $currentSong to $spotifySong and $ytSong
  • extended (list.command) filters, see docs
  • !game set wil lty to search for game, e.g. !game set csgo will set game to Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • [1e4685a] panel: remove resending widgets on update
  • [981fc95] package: 8.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • [c1c2976] docs: set main docs as 8.2.x, archive 8.1.x
  • [0320e08] package: dependency update
  • [5e88977] mongodb: Fix incorrect keys on users collections
  • [6ca55be] nedb: Fix incorrect keys on users collections
  • [9c06750] tmi: Save user id on cheer before other actions
  • [7c4274e] database: remove compacting
  • [86c2c06] interface: Show status only on master
  • [f011838] currency: Load currency only on master
  • [2080702] soundboard: Fix ev.path in firefox
  • [5bb9f39] cmdboard: Get correct configuration on start
  • [b7ce564] d.ts: Update definition for InterfaceSettings
  • [896bac8] migrate: fix version of migration to 8.2.1
  • [e7be69c] message: Split $currentSong to $ytSong/$spotifySong
  • [d80de08] users: Add subgift count to users
  • [95b4652] top: move !top commands to own system
  • [fc8a1d7] customvariables: Add variable history (#1712)
  • [c05d1c9] top: add subage
  • [0977f7b] top: Fix missing locales
  • [b8e2a00] top: Fix incorrect function names
  • [45d3248] top: Add follower/subscriber checks
  • [e53caf1] polls: Add close message if closed by ui
  • [675bfda] api: Set properly subscribers on sub check
  • [725a023] locales: Add missing subgifts
  • [09f1ad2] api: Set correct format for all subscribers
  • [d10f9f8] polls: Add locales to overlay
  • [786f919] polls: Set dates as timestamp to avoid incorrect ordering
  • [ff4cfd6] extensions: Add recommended extensions
  • [8384a44] polls: Add bottom border to vote type select
  • [f9bfdda] migrate: Add polls migration from dates to timestamps
  • [98fc1f5] dashboard: Fix issue with random chat reload
  • [f3662d7] tools: Add migration between any databases
  • [baaabc9] tools: Fix error when mapping is empty
  • [1d9a2d3] tools: Skip ObjectId objects in mongodb
  • [3c13a53] polls: Move cache variables in-memory
  • [f3d8176] migrate: Remove lastTimeRemind from poll migration
  • [895817f] mongodb: Fix flattening on find()
  • [906c461] moderation: Remove redundant condition check
  • [d5e2067] ui: Set history as empty array if variable is empty
  • [974f38f] goals: add goals registry and overlay
  • [3ae03c0] goals: add current types (followers, subscribers)
  • [813bf52] ytplayer: add remove of requests into widget
  • [28233b7] goals: add onChange triggers to current types
  • [88b8d1f] eventlist: add cleanup button to widget
  • [a58b23f] dashboard: fix error on creation of first widget
  • [cfc87e5] commands: disabled commands should not be shown in list
  • [6fc12a5] alias: disabled alias should not be shown in list
  • [5087cb3] userinfo: add new userinfo system (!me, !followage, etc)
  • [3c18bfb] moderation: fix whisper emote moderation
  • [a3d1ae8] message: extend list.commands with permission
  • [ade799f] stats: add watchedTime stats
  • [0687c40] twitch: !game command will set similar games
  • [f100d5b] users: add ignore check to watchedTime update
  • [c3262c2] users: add isBot/isOwner checks for watch time
  • [a0dfc48] package: move luxon to dependencies
  • [0c06730] userinfo: remove separator trimming
  • [f424b11] docs: fix incorrect list command filter
  • [807aecf] stats: remove reduntant log
  • [996172c] userinfo: fix invalid message replace
  • [f5b0862] interface: merge settings to one category
  • [778963c] youtube: add onlyMusicCategory toggle
  • [ec8842e] top: fix tips incorrect value
  • [54ecf5d] package: dependencies update
  • [670d67a] package: explicit terser 3.14.1
  • [548ba7a] package: explicit acorn 6.0.5
  • [c7ada67] interface: fix socket settings collection
  • [0a6fed7] panel: update hold button to use slots
  • [c40b5e1] panel: set css as scoped
  • [ef54c16] package: remove terser from devDependencies
  • [9136e52] interface: update to es6 import for typescript
  • [2f39e6e] bets: remove redundant widgets/bets
  • [95bf467] chat: move to interface + ts
  • [506cf97] tmi: show logs only on debug
  • [a4050e7] bets: fix incorrect attributes to replace
  • [dc529aa] package: add husky for precommit check
  • [8fa726a] cmboard: implement interface
  • [ac29155] nedb: fix errors not propagating correctly
  • [f645160] package: bump twitch-js to 2.0.0-beta.30 (#1803)
  • [096988e] commercial: remove redundant widget lib
  • [9dcb78d] chore: fix CONTRIBUTING typo
  • [904b8ef] tmi: update resub event for twitch changes
  • [997a9d5] widgets: join/part widgets to interface
  • [68ff8e2] widgets: soundboard widget to interface
  • [7f220db] widgets: eventlist to interface
  • [e54c8d7] interface: remove widgets status
  • [0223a4e] locale: add mising subStreakName locale
  • [5c8733f] events: fix subStreak test
  • [d663a4b] docs: update write-own-system
  • [995d113] locale: missing subStreakShareEnabled
  • [39d73b1] travis: add skip test tags [skip-travis], [skip-tests], [no-tests]
  • [6eaee6e] tmi: fix parsing of badges
  • [ae50a5e] tmi: fix typo for streakMonths
  • [85a8d39] vue: remove development library
  • [e6a5bb2] eventlist: simplify object generation
  • [500dd6b] nedb: fix incorrect error logging
  • [48e9883] cluster: fix update user on message
  • [6907c02] goals: force retype currentAmount to number
  • [72bed03] viewers: fix incorrect stats attributes
  • [8f9977e] api: getChannelHosts 500 should not poll endpoint every second
  • [ae03d2f] tmi: fix error if subscribed_at is missing
  • [50a3635] tmi: stats.subStreak on resub is by default 0
  • [91868d8] api: set subStreak to 0 if user is not subscriber anymore
  • [f127259] tmi: remove resub log localized months
  • [7cdf998] tmi: fix is moderator checking
  • [93e8739] cvars: update widget to interface
  • [bc4e981] tmi: fix polling on mod check
  • [c64c9e5] api: move intervals to function
  • [ec7d3fc] api: update subscribers endpoint to helix
  • [2198c07] chore: fix CONTRIBUTING lines order
  • [a4642dd] widgets: fix glob error on soundboard load
  • [4ec189e] chore: add commit instead of snapshot
  • [c06a835] api: add chatters check for getChannelChattersUnofficialAPI