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@sogehige sogehige released this 26 Apr 11:34
· 3800 commits to master since this release


New updated dynamic permission system was added to a bot. If you changed any permissions (either alias, custom commands, custom variables or commands) you need to re-do your permissions manually.

Bug Fixes

  • api: add checks for id in users collection (2409f23)
  • api: add null check on getIdFromTwitch (a754fc1), closes #1995
  • api: isFollowerUpdate should handle sender object (ca066f6)
  • api: remove retries and don't disable subscribers api (8eb69d9)
  • api: set correct variable path (7a8bca6)
  • api: update opts on failed state (5d62341)
  • commands: add missing touser filter parameter (61f8d63), closes #2122
  • commons: import isBot after rework of commons (004b09b), closes #2063
  • commons: initialize default class on autoload (c5f65a5)
  • commons: sort attributes by length desc (bd9187d), closes #2100
  • commons: update unflatten behavior on arrays (f29c61e), closes #2043
  • cvars: use timestamp instead of Date object (afd4d06), closes #2085
  • db: revert master connect() (3ca7cb3)
  • db: update index() for array use (cdb0ba6)
  • emotes: fix emmote typo (dfbf9cb), closes #2001
  • emotes: properly parse other partner emotes (d28ff26)
  • events: remove redundant log (ac8486c)
  • events: use timestamp for everyXMinutesOfStream (6fbd9d6), closes #2124
  • followage: load data from api each call (74904bf)
  • general: fix incorrect lang pointer (897ca7b)
  • general: move setValue directly to general library (1e66a67)
  • interface: add better message if system doesn't start (5fcb65e)
  • interface: move legacy commands and settings to interface (92dcdef)
  • interface: trigger change on correct class independent on filename (233771a)
  • locales: add missing events locale (efb7ae5), closes #2127
  • migrate: add permissions collection removal (8c8d0cb)
  • mongodb: index wait for connection lose arguments (38dd0de), closes #2070
  • overlays: eventlist should have correct classes (e70bbd0)
  • overlays: force play video even if not properly loaded (1387683)
  • parser: add missing import (7950331), closes #2091
  • parser: add missing library from populateList (8dd0e59)
  • parser: add missing tmi library to populateList (11cd9d1), closes #2112
  • parser: load custom permissions from new collection (950655b), closes #2016
  • parser: properly check for disabled command (fba7428)
  • permissions: properly skip disabled command (cf3de0f), closes #2024
  • raffles: use lastAnnounce time from cache only (92637ef)
  • release: split release tool to docs and build (6f921cf), closes #1987
  • spotify: remove incorrect await (3c2b1da)* spotify: update disabled command (c9b7e2e)
  • tmi: change to commons.getLocalizedName (aa8117a), closes #2086
  • tmi: remove subsStreak guessing (de53461), closes #2032
  • tools: reinstall husky hook (0a9f87a)
  • top: remove isIgnored await (70d032b)
  • ui: cvar options are correctly selectable (d7163a3), closes #2012
  • ui: fix import of incorrect icon (1294104)
  • ui: move all font-awesome imports to index.ts (bd798f6)
  • ui: order permissions by its weight (6b9cdd2), closes #2018
  • ui: properly order custom variable history (5daa258), closes #2013
  • ui: remove second button from panel (3e4c4ec)
  • ui: set -moz-fit-content for textAreaWithTags (c06f82b), closes #2075
  • ui: set correct position for menu if top is sticky (a1a0557), closes #2137
  • users: add missing commons import (6241ca4)
  • users: update username instead of id (1691def), closes #2025
  • workers: better error message on interface (38beabd)
  • workers: remove widgets from workers interface update (6950b02), closes #2136
  • better check on isModerator (55e8804)
  • enable esModuleInterop for js modules (a8ba921), closes #2072
  • workers: remove legacy cluster code (ee88871), closes #2035
  • workers: update workers to typescript (fe1e1eb)
  • remove await from settings getters (7c54158)


  • api: add check if bot is a mod (ef41493), closes #2065
  • cvars: add async user() to get simplified user object (c856dab)
  • cvars: add stream variable with current stream values (3cb1b9f)
  • debug: add proper debug function (8cfa227), closes #1966
  • events: add vuelidate to check form (4473298)
  • filter: add $touser filter (a9d16de)
  • general: load locales list dynamically (9438607)
  • highlights: add link to create clips and highlight (896705e)
  • message: add (list.price) filter (9ff7696)
  • message: add $toptip variables (b2b5234)
  • permissions: refactor permissions to be dynamic (8c84d92)
  • scrim: add cooldown only scrim (450e3b9)
  • spotify: add cleanup button for song requests (8f773c8)
  • subage: add cumulative months to command response (8231820)
  • tmi: parse cumulative months from badgeInfo (2e819e4), closes #2115
  • ui: show subscribers/bit error if not affiliate or partner (12d7761), closes #2142
  • users: change regular for vip (2d9f881),
    closes #2033