Contains custom gradle tasks to use in gradle builds. The custom tasks extend gradle for use as a sql-centric (geo)data etl. gretl = gradle etl
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The Gradle gretl plugin extends gradle for use as a sql-centric (geo)data etl. gretl = gradle etl.

This repository consists of three parts for the GRETL system:


GRETL is licensed under the MIT License.


The description of the architecture can be found here: docs/architecture/


A german user manual can be found here: docs/user/


Information about GRETL developing can be found here: docs/devel/

The tooling/ folder contains helper scripts/tools for local development. See tooling/ for more informations.


GRETL is in development state.

System requirements

For the current version of GRETL, you will need a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your system, version 1.8 or later and gradle, version 3.4 or later. For convenience use the gradle wrapper.