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Barebones starting point for a Relay application with Golang GraphQL server
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Golang-Relay Starter Kit

This kit includes:

  • a NodeJS app server: to serve the front-end written with react-relay
  • a Golang GraphQL server: to serve the back-end graphql-go server that handles GraphQL queries
  • a Babel transpiler workflow using webpack that you can use to get started building an app with Relay.

For a walkthrough, see the Relay tutorial.


This is based on alpha version of graphql-go and graphql-relay-go. Be sure to watch both repositories for latest changes.


  • Install dependencies for NodeJS app server
npm install
  • Install dependencies for Golang GraphQL server
go get -v


Start a local server:

npm start

The above command will run both the NodeJS app server and Golang GraphQL server concurrently.



Any changes you make to files in the js/ directory will cause the server to automatically rebuild the app and refresh your browser.


Schema data

Since Golang does not support loading package / module dynamically, remember to update the package import for schema data in:

  • graphql.go
  • scripts/updateSchema.go

For e.g

import (
  "" // <--- update to package containing schema

Schema updates

If at any time you make changes to data/schema.go, stop the server, regenerate data/schema.json, and restart the server:

npm run update-schema
npm start

schema.json is needed by the JS code for ./build/babelRelayPlugin.js


  • todomvc-relay-go - Port of the React/Relay TodoMVC app, driven by a Golang GraphQL backend

Feel free to submit a PR to add to this list.


  • Swap out express-graphql server with a Golang GraphQL server
  • GraphQL schema definition in Golang
  • Generate schema.json from schema definition for babel-relay-plugin
  • Generate schema.graphql from schema definition


This kit is build on top of

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