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Updates as of 20 March 2016: I have originally created this so that the Gulp community would be able help each other to find solutions to common use-cases. I have since moved away from Gulp to Webpack for most of my work, and have not been actively participating in Gulp's latest activities (I'm not knocking on Gulp, it is still a useful tool. Webpack just works well for my case).

Some (most? or all?) of the recipes in this repo has not been updated for a while, and may not work as expected. But I do hope that those in the Gulp community still help each other grow, and I'd be very happy to accept PRs for any existing or new recipes. Or even a new maintainer =)

Not your typical collection of gulp recipes for your streaming build.

Rather than having a big 'ol gulpfile.js with a ton of gulp.task(),

  • each recipe is a standalone folder,
  • with its own gulpfile.js and minimal set of gulp.task(),
  • healthy pinch of comments,
  • comes along with real examples that you can gulp to see it in action,
  • a big serving of included!

Simply cd to a recipe folder, gulp and slurp away.


  • Enough with the plugins wrapping over an existing library, created just for convenient's sake.
  • Vanilla node modules over wrappers.
  • If an existing library can be vinyled, tapped, plumbered, transformed from/to buffers and/or streams, let there be a recipe for it.
  • A lot of recipe snippets laying around the web; most are working off the bat. Some needs a little bit more pizzazz. And pizzas.


Quick Start


npm install -g gulp


git clone
cd gulp-recipes
[sudo] npm install # some modules require sudo to install on some machines

Running a recipe example

For eg: browser-sync-nodemon-expressjs

cd browser-sync-nodemon-expressjs

Other recipe collections / recipes


All are most welcome! Pull requests, issues, contributors and snacks, bring 'em to the party!