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Create your application in twitter, modify cs_key and cs_secret according what given by
twitter (

$cs_key = 'YM0fEbi6I65fuUNmlZtLQ';
$cs_secret = 'qSms4bOFVK3JdEXCrViFQ[...]';

Run index.php through CLI (because the callback url si 'oob', as it was a desktop client. You can put a valid url, but you'll have to create your own scripts to handle authentification.):

$ php desktop_sample.php
You must go on
Please give PIN number: 0236794

(Copy/paste given url, accept application, copy/paste given pin)

Given access_token will return infos:

array(4) {
  string(49) "6854032-..."
  string(43) "..."
  string(7) "6854032"
  string(7) "mycroft"

OR use web_sample.php, replace keys and callback url, and run it with your browser.