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A GNU-compliant brainfuck interpreter.
C Perl
Latest commit 0b2fcfc Jun 6, 2012 @soh-cah-toa Added support for new --strict switch that forces interpreter to fail
when invalid brainfuck commands are used. Also added new eh_opts_t
structure for managing command-line switches that modify the
interpreter. Included test case to verify behavior.


Egghead v1.0

    Egghead is yet another brainfuck interpreter. It is named so due to the
    fact that it takes a real egghead to even understand the brainfuck

    Despite the massive plethora of already existent brainfuck interpreters and
    compilers, Egghead came to be since most of them are just amusing scripts.
    Egghead is meant to be a feature-rich brainfuck interpreter that is fully


    See the INSTALL file.

Reporting Bugs

    Bugs should be reported using GitHub Issues. Simply visit and select "New Issue".
    You will need to create a GitHub account if you don't already have one.


    Egghead was written by Kevin Polulak <>.


    Egghead is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
    version 3. Please see the COPYING file for details.
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