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This is a Perl 6 port of the IRC::Utils module.
It provides some useful utilities for use in other IRC-related modules.
Source Code
The source code for IRC::Utils is available at <>.
To obtain a local copy of the source code, run:
git clone git:// p6-irc-utils
Once you've obtained a copy of the source code, run:
ufo # Creates Makefile
make # Builds module
make test # Runs test suite
make install # Installs to ~/.perl6/lib
If you wish to remove the files generated during the build/install process, run:
make clean # Removes generated files
make distclean # 'make clean' and removes Makefile
If you experience a bug, error, or just want to make a suggestion, there a several ways to get in
contact with me.
Email: You may send an email to <>. If it's about a bug, please give a
detailed description of what caused it, preferably with the exact output.
IRC: I can be found regularly lurking around #parrot on and #perl6 on where I go under the nickname "soh_cah_toa".
GitHub: You may send a private message to soh-cah-toa (note the hyphens) if you have a GitHub
If you know how to fix the problem you encountered, consider sending a patch (via 'git diff') or
forking a clone on GitHub and submitting a Pull Request.
Kevin Polulak
IRC: soh_cah_toa
Copyright and License
Copyright (C) 2011, Kevin Polulak <>.
This program is distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.
For further information, please see LICENSE or visit
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