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Rich Text Editor, WYSIWYG, for Oracle JET based on Quill JS

JET version : 5.0.0 and above

Quill JS version : 1.3.6

Quill Docs https://quilljs.com/


Put the complete code base inside "\src\js\jet-composites"

The to use it in view :

<rich-text-editor id="richText" toolbar-options='["text-sizes","bold","color","order","bullet","italic", "image"]' content="{{content}}"/>

In viewModel (if you want to pass a default HTML/Text to be displayed):

self.content = ko.observable("<p> Hello World !</p> <b>Rich Text Editor by Soham </b>");

To use the method exposed by the web component:

in view, for example, define a button :

<oj-button id='button1' on-oj-action='[[buttonClick]]'>Button 1</oj-button>

in viewModel, write something like below :

self.buttonClick = function(event){
    var innerHtm = $("#richText")[0].getUpdatedHTML();
    return true;

Toolbar options

These are the options you can use to enable the toolbar buttons and dropdwons :

text-sizes, bold, italic, underline, strike

color, background

quote, code-block, link

image, video

header1, header2, order, bullet, indent1, indent2

direction, align

sub-script, super-script, clean

If you are interested to know more about these toolbar options, check : https://quilljs.com/docs/formats/

To add a Fonts dropdown use the slot provided by the component - How to use "fontsArea" slot

Define a "select" in the slot

<span slot="fontsArea">
   <select class="ql-font">
    <option selected>Sans Serif</option>
    <option value="roboto">Roboto</option>
    <option value="arial">Arial</option>
     <!-- and other Fonts -->

Define CSS classes for each on the fonts selection

/* Set dropdown font-families */
  #toolbar-container .ql-font span[data-label="Sans Serif"]::before {
    font-family: "Sans Serif";
  #toolbar-container .ql-font span[data-label="Roboto"]::before {
    font-family: "Roboto";
  #toolbar-container .ql-font span[data-label="Arial"]::before {
    font-family: "Arial";
  /* Set content font-families */
  .ql-font-roboto {
    font-family: "Roboto";
  .ql-font-arial {
    font-family: "Arial";
/* Do not set Sans Serif since it is the default font */

More info -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43728080/how-to-add-font-types-on-quill-js-with-toolbar-options

Known limitation

There are no min or max length support on Quill JS 1.3.6 version.