A set of boilerplate code and files for building Chrome extensions, and a jump-start for the options page and localization.
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A jump-start to your Chrome extension projects.

Because I hate doing it all over every single time.

a screenshot

NOT intended to be used un-modified, merely to be quicker (and possibly better, but no guarantees are implied) than doing it from scratch.

Lots of things in here are unnecessary. Rename what you want. Delete what you want. Reorganize what you want.

The majority of the documentation exists in the extension - just load it as an unpacked extension and check out the options page.

For the moment, the features include:

  • A fairly rich options page, with basic styling and preference serialization / loading. This intentionally mimics the Chrome preferences page, but with a lot less shiny. It's basic and functional, which is all I really wanted. Options pages always feel harder to make than what I'm making the extension for (as I've mostly made simpler extensions), so I've spent the most time on that, so I can just drop in a couple fields and be done with it.
  • Basic framework and example code for a localizable extension
  • Example images in 4 sizes
  • Comments. Lots of comments. More to come.