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sohooo's VIM config

This setup is based on various sources all around github. Huge credits go to these projects:


  • fully portable; place this vimrc anywhere you want
  • conditional loading of plugins/language features with NeoBundleLazy
  • distraction-free writing mode


  1. Put this repo in a place you like: git clone ~/.dotvim
  2. Iinstall NeoBundle: mkdir -p ~/.dotvim/bundle && git clone ~/.dotvim/bundle/neobundle.vim
  3. Create an alias to use your Vim installation: alias v='mvim -u ~/.dotvim/vimrc'; this way, we don't interfere with the system Vim installation.
  4. Start Vim and type :NeoBundleInstall to install the (missing) plugins defined in .vimrc.
  5. Enjoy!


Here's a list of some useful keyboard bindings:

  • s vim-sneak; like 'f', but multiple lines
  • ,f find file w/ Unite
  • ,b choose buffer w/ Unite
  • ,g grep in current path w/ Unite
  • ,d toggle NerdTree
  • ,u toggle UndoTree
  • ,v toggle GoldenView autoresizing (enabled on start)
  • ,w toggle distraction-free writing
  • gcc toggle comment on/off
  • jj remap von ESC; this rox!
  • F9 toggle paste/nopaste
  • F10 toggle number/nonumber
  • ,tt change tabs


  • ctrl-p | ctrl-n cycle through elements
  • ctrl-k complete snippet


  • <c-jk> movement
  • <c-t> open in tab
  • <c-v> open in vertical split
  • <c-h> open in horizontal split


  • :Gdiff show diff
  • :Gstatus toggle files with -


  • ,t= align =
  • ,t: align :
  • ,tt align =>

Other Tips

Statusbar Fonts

For an even prettier status bar, use one of the patched fonts from the Powerline wiki.

Distraction-free Writing

Distraction-free writing a la iAWriter is supported via a plugin from LakTEK. Toggle the view with F4, and don't forget to disable the OSX native fullscreen view:

defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMNativeFullScreen 0

You also need the Cousine Font from Google as a free alternative to Nitti Light.