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Slovak Company Register

This script is scraping data from Slovak Business Registry (ORSR:

Script is no longer being maintained given that there is much better source for this data vailable at Ekosystem.Slovensko.Digital. Plus, ORSR itself is being replaced by RPO.


Data uses English language as employed by ORSR and should be quite straightforward to understand with the only exception of CourtSID.


  • 2: District Court Bratislava I
  • 3: District Court Banská Bystrica
  • 4: District Court Košice I
  • 5: District Court Nitra
  • 6: District Court Prešov
  • 7: District Court Trenčín
  • 8: District Court Trnava
  • 9: District Court Žilina


Current motivation for maintaining this script is:

  • keep it going even after ScraperWiki Classic goes down
  • maybe enhance it so that it may complement Organizations dataset from Datanest
    • i.e. list also board members, owners, etc.


  • detect changes of actual content and put last modification into new column last_modified
    • users can then use APi functions to get updates more easily
  • separate people into dedicated table (issue #3)


Scraper was migrated from ScraperWiki Classic (as they are slowly turning the service off):

to (who for now seems a good successor for ScraperWiki):

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