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Love Seat is a simply architected CouchDB wrapper with the intent to abstract away just enough so that it's easy to use, but not enough so that you don't know what's going on.

Tested with 1.0.1

LoveSeat Basics

//Everything in LoveSeat starts with a CouchClient.

var client = new CouchClient(); //assumes localhost:5984 with no credentials if left blank

//From here you can get the database

var db= client.GetDatabase("my_database");

//Set the default design doc (not required and can be overriden


//Get a Document By Id db.GetDocument("12345");

//Get a view results and populate your Domain object var results = db.View<MyObject>("view_name");

//...or with parameters var options = new ViewOptions{Limit=10}; options.SetStartKey("abc"); results = db.View<MyObject>("view_name", options);

//loop through your strongly typed results

foreach (var item in results.Items){ /* do something */ }

//Get the results of a List var results = db.List("list_name") LoveSeat Supports Replication and User Management off of the CouchClient as well. Enjoy!

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