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This project isn't complete yet. I could use some assistance on the Silverlight end.
This project uses a version of SharpZipLib.
Originally from SharpDevelop but ported to Silverlight.
Also uses FJ.Core for jpeg resizing
I intend to make the server end compatible with the "Silverlight File Upload"
Currently the project resizes and zips all with code that is safe for silverlight assemblies.
Ultimately I would like to have a very simple UI with a processing gif (during the resize and zip phase).
Then a mac like progress bar during the upload.
Their should be two buttons one with "Browse files" and one with "Upload files".
I considered the ability to do this all asynch but then doing the single progress bar becomes a battle so I dismissed it.
I think it will make up for non-asynch with the single post and the good UI.
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