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PHP Asterisk Manager Interface ( AMI ) supports synchronous command ( action )/ responses and asynchronous events using the pattern observer-listener. Supports commands with responses with multiple events. Very suitable for development of operator consoles and / or asterisk / channels / peers monitoring through SOA, etc

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Before anything at all: There is no official release yet. So if you're
interested, stay tuned. This is a software still in development (although
it only lacks more actions and events, so it's not that bad really ;)).

PAMI means PHP Asterisk Manager Interface. As its name suggests its just a
set of php classes that will let you issue commands to an ami and/or receive
events, using an observer-listener pattern.

The idea behind this, is to easily implement operator consoles, monitors, etc.
either via SOA or ajax.

Asterisk versions supported
PAMI is tested in asterisk 1.6 versions, just because this is the version
I use in my boxes. If you need support for other versions, please contact me.

Please see docs/examples/quickstart/example.php for a very basic example.

Currently Supported Events
More events will be added with time. I can only add the ones I can test for and
use, so your contributions may make the difference! ;)

Unknown (not yet implemented) events will be reported as UnknownEvent, so you
can still catch them. If you catch one of these, please report it!

* AgentsComplete
* AGIExec
* Bridge
* ChannelUpdate
* CoreShowChannel
* CoreShowChannelComplete
* DAHDIShowChannel
* DAHDIShowChannelsComplete
* Dial
* Extension
* Hangup
* Hold
* Masquerade
* NewAccountCode
* NewCallerid
* Newchannel
* Newexten
* Newstate
* PeerEntry
* PeerlistComplete
* PeerStatus
* RegistrationsComplete
* Rename
* RTCPReceived
* RTCPReceiver
* RTCPSent
* RTPReceiverStat
* RTPSenderStat
* Status
* StatusComplete
* Transfer
* Unlink
* VarSet
Currently Supported Actions
* AbsoluteTimeout
* Agents
* Atxfer (asterisk 1.8?)
* Bridge
* Command
* CoreSettings
* CoreShowChannels
* CoreStatus
* DAHDIDialOffHookAction
* DAHDIHangup
* DAHDIRestart
* DAHDIShowChannels
* CreateConfig
* GetConfig
* GetConfigJSON
* Hangup
* Login
* Logoff
* ListCategories
* ListCommands
* Originate
* Redirect
* Reload
* Sippeers
* Sipshowregistry
* Status

* build.xml is a phing build file, not ant.
* It's very possible that you may need to edit
* Available main targets: all, build, test, report.
* Tools run: phpdoc, phploc, phpcs, phpmd, phpcpd, phpdepend, phpunit.
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