A simple, yet easy xlsx file reader extension plugin for all possessor of wp-events-manager plugin.
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Allow you to easily import a xlsx file into event-manager plugin.


  • Event-Manager


Select the import page under Events left admin top menu and follow the instructions.

Format for XLSX :

As for now we only support basic import :

"Venue Name" (Libellé Segment) | "Venue Postal Code" (CP-Ville) | "Event MySQL-Formatted Start Date and Time" (Date) | "Event Description" (Description)

Format for CSV :

Thanks to meitar

venue_id,"Venue Name","Venue Street Address","Venue Extended Address","Venue City","Venue State","Venue Postal Code","Venue Country Code","Venue Web Address","Venue Description",event_id,venue_id,"Event Name","Event Status","Event MySQL-Formatted Start Date and Time","Event MySQL-Formatted End Date and Time","Event Web Address","Event Description"

Example file:


This plugin have been developped by Soixante Circuits team members that are :

The following classes are used :