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Andrei Robu andreirobu

Robu Type Barcelona, Spain

Adolfo Rosillo outecran

Escuela de Arte Almería Almería. Spain

Zhenyu Lin zhenyulin

London, United Kingdom

FatCat spike-cat ImNotADeveloper

Orchisama Das orchidas

Music Technology enthusiast. Incoming PhD student at Stanford CCRMA.

Stanford University Stanford, CA

Klughertz Jonathan klugjo

Has laptop. Will code.

Grab Singapore

guzb guzb

soho songjiang Shanghai China

Daniele @ Fupete Fupete

Artists, hacker, art director, educator: artist duo @Fupete, art director @ Nasonero & Lcd, adjunct professor @ UniRSM, steering commitee @italia-it

Fupete, Nasonero, Lcd, UniRSM,, @dsii-2016-unirsm, @SEI-2014-UNIRSM Crespina & Firenze, Italy

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Vicente Guerra vicenteguerra

Every code repo is like a music single. We can write something great, we can do an awesome LP. 📻 We need care code.

UNAM Mobile Mexico City

Jack Thompson shoshindes

MobileMade Inc. San Francisco, CA

Brad Weiers redthrawn

-- ux engineer, game designer, and creative coder --

Jeremy Laviole poqudrof

Augmented Reality entrepreneur, former research engineer and PhD student @inria. Open source evangelist.


Michael Anthony mcanthony

All work has ceased until further notice.


ligong li-gong

PinJing Design china beijing

Martin Kaltenbrunner mkalten

Professor at the Interface Culture Lab Linz. Human computer interaction designer, co-creator of the Reactable, author of the TUIO and reacTIVision frameworks.

University of Art and Design Linz, Austria

Fabian Morón Zirfas fabianmoronzirfas

👋🏽 I'm Fabian. I'm a lecturer, researcher and lab 🐀, @FH-Potsdam, motiongrapher and coder living in Berlin who occasionally does stuff that involves things

@FH-Potsdam Berlin

Varun Vachhar winkerVSbecks

finder of new ways to confuse myself Toronto

Vinjn Zhang vinjn

GPU Architect @NVIDIA, passionate about Visual Computing and AI Computing.

NVIDIA Shanghai, China

Stan Le Punk StanLepunK

Romanesco Le Pré Saint-Gervais