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A program for extracting and replacing assets in the resource files for the video game Devil Daggers. This is still very early in development.

Works right now... sort of.

  • Opening and extracting resource file contents
  • GUI (still very placeholder)
  • Audio replacement (barely works. Some .wav files seem to cause the game the crash)

Features planned

  • Model replacement support
  • Shader replacement support
  • Texture replacement support
  • A somewhat decent GUI


  • Qt 5.9.2 (Compiled with MSVC2015 32bit, maybe move to 64bit?)
  • lodepng


None at the moment other than the occational comments in the code. Message me if you need something explained, code can be confusing since we're dealing with bytes and stuff.

A lot of this code is based on Pmcc's dd_extract program. Huge props to him for figuring out the res file structure.


Anyone can contribute to this project with pull requests.