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A Clojure playground for a stream-mining Hackday at the BBUZZ-2014 you can still register here.

We want to work on some stream-mining algorithms in different languages ( clojure scala and python), mining a stream of tweets.

All of these repository's should help you get started to get some tweets and work with them, since we try to save as much setup-time as we can.



git clone


lein compile

run the examples

lein run

open the repl

lein repl


in src/stromer/core.clj you will find 3 examples

  • example1 will need the twitter oauth credentials and than open a stream
  • example2 will scan redis keys for tweet.json objects infinitely or how many times you want to loop through them
  • example3 will scroll through an provided elasticsearch index of tweets

You can of course edit the tweet sources in the following files.

  • src/stromer/sources/redis.clj
  • src/stromer/sources/elastic_search.clj
  • src/stromer/sources/twitter.clj

All you need to do is choose a source that will work for you, remove the dummy print callback and implement your own callback function which will than do great stream-mining.


Copyright © 2014 @Sojoner Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.