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Soklet Tomcat

What Is It?

Tomcat integration for Soklet, a minimalist infrastructure for Java webapps and microservices.

Note: Soklet Tomcat is under active development and will be ready for production use soon.


Apache 2.0

Maven Installation


Direct Download

Coming soon

Example Code

// Assumes you're using Guice as your DI framework via soklet-guice
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
  Injector injector = createInjector(Modules.override(new SokletModule()).with(new AppModule()));
  Server server = injector.getInstance(Server.class);
  // Start the server
  new ServerLauncher(server).launch(StoppingStrategy.ON_KEYPRESS, () -> {
    // Some custom on-server-shutdown code here, if needed

class AppModule extends AbstractModule {
  public Server provideServer(InstanceProvider instanceProvider) {
    // We'll have Tomcat be our Soklet server
    return TomcatServer.forInstanceProvider(instanceProvider).port(8080).build();


Soklet Tomcat was created by Mark Allen and sponsored by Transmogrify, LLC.

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