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Fixed script for goroutine debugging. Originally written at


Checkout appropriate branch and use the same version of the script as your target go version. It may not work in 32bit process or other OS than OSX/Windows.

How to use

  1. run your debuggee written in go under gdb, or run gdb and attach to it
  2. source
  3. info goroutine
  4. goroutine $goroutine-id bt


(gdb) info go
  1 waiting  fname=runtime.gopark faddr=0x13415 &g=0xc208000120 waitreason="sleep"
  2 waiting  fname=runtime.gopark faddr=0x13415 &g=0xc208000480 waitreason="force gc (idle)"
  3 waiting  fname=runtime.gopark faddr=0x13415 &g=0xc2080005a0 waitreason="GC sweep wait"
  4 waiting  fname=runtime.gopark faddr=0x13415 &g=0xc2080006c0 waitreason="finalizer wait"
  5 syscall  fname=runtime.switchtoM faddr=0x366c0 &g=0xc208000a20
(gdb) goroutine 1 bt
#0  runtime.gopark (unlockf=0x2eba0 <runtime.parkunlock_c>, lock=0x1576e0 <runtime.timers>, reason="sleep")
    at /Users/sokoide/repo/go/src/runtime/proc.go:131
#1  0x0000000000013488 in runtime.goparkunlock (lock=0x1576e0 <runtime.timers>, reason="sleep") at /Users/sokoide/repo/go/src/runtime/proc.go:136
#2  0x0000000000017de5 in runtime.timeSleep (ns=2000000000) at /Users/sokoide/repo/go/src/runtime/time.go:58
#3  0x00000000000020f8 in main.f2 (a=40, b=2, ~r2=1) at /Users/sokoide/workspace/go/foo/foo.go:24
#4  0x0000000000002551 in main.main () at /Users/sokoide/workspace/go/foo/main.go:22

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