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Script not reloading #24

Draivin opened this Issue Mar 19, 2013 · 8 comments

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Draivin commented Mar 19, 2013

When set_script_source is true in the config, after the first file save, the scripts are not updated in the browser, instead the logs appear like this:

If I try to save the script again after this, I get this error:


Can you try reinstall package and try again

Draivin commented Mar 23, 2013

Reinstalled, no changes, same behavior, first save the logs change to '(old)', second save throws an error.


Some errors in file mapping I think.
What folder added to Sublime? What url for your script file?

Draivin commented Mar 26, 2013

folder in sublime is pathfinder/
url to script is /pathfinder/main.js


Maybe problem in your script? can you share a simple example

Draivin commented Mar 28, 2013

Holy hell, this is one odd bug, I'm not even sure it is in web inspector anymore, but when I edit the code directly on chrome it works.

Here is the smallest way I managed to reproduce it, I'm not even sure if it will be reproducible anywhere else:

The bug appears to be related both to number of lines and number of characters, when I delete a comment line it works again, or if I delete enough content from enough lines it also start working again.

To reproduce the bug I open the window, and it will log normally, then I change the log string and save, and click on the window, it will log the old text marked as (old), then if I try to save again it throws an error.

With bug:
Without bug:

Just for some extra info, I'm using Chrome Version 28.0.1455.0 canary.


Hi, thanks for amazing plugin. I do get following error. Is it an issue with file mapping? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Also another issue I'm getting - all breakpoints are added as disabled. Sublime version: 3022 windows x64 channel: dev


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "D:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Data\Packages\Web Inspector 3\", line 359, in
sublime.set_timeout(lambda: open_script_and_focus_line(scriptId, line_number), 100)
File "D:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Data\Packages\Web Inspector 3\", line 1336, in open_script_and_focus_line
view = window.open_file(file_name, sublime.TRANSIENT)
File "D:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\", line 205, in open_file
return View(sublime_api.window_open_file(self.window_id, fname, flags))
TypeError: String required

@danmosemsft danmosemsft added the bug label Jun 11, 2015

For the console issue, I tried the repro, and it works perfectly always.
For the error stack, it is not possible to determine what might have caused this, and code in Sublime and the package has changed.
For all breakpoints being added as disabled, this also is fixed now.

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