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Compatibility with CoffeeScript? #28

jonarrien opened this Issue · 20 comments

I would like to know if there is some way to use this plugin with coffeescript. As Ruby developer, i don't compile the source code into javascript until production deployment.


How? I don't know how is this posible? If only open your compiled scripts like file right in sublime. But for what?


Sorry, may be i did't explain it correctly. In Rails projects, CoffeeScript is by default, and Rails take care to convert this coffee script files to javascript on the fly when you are developing. I think CoffeeScript makes my life easier to develop web apps.

I was only wondering if I could use this plugin with coffeescript, but i know is not an easy task and I don't know if it is possible to link them. Thanks for the fast response. Really awesome plugin!


Yes I have found a way, but this is not so easy. I surely think about this.


Thanks, will be awesome.


basically you would have to add source map (single step or multi step lookup) into your package (which looks awesome BTW)...

There is a node module which parses source maps at for reference


Yes, when I find time for this


Coffeescript supports source map generation since a few months (1.6.1 / March).

There is also a gem to automatically create the source maps in Rails: coffee-rails-source-maps

You might be able to use this gem to support rails-coffee-script in SublimeWebInspector. This would make an awesome tool for all rails developers.

Good luck!


:+1: 000




If this is implemented, it should be done in a way to support any compile-to-JS language that has SourceMap support, not a CoffeeScript-specific thing. That'll be more future-proof anyway.


I'm so anxious to see it working with CS !!!


I've started a bounty on for backing this feature. It's just $15 for now but if you guys would like to contribute maybe @sokolovstas or someone else will implement this feature and get the bounty.






Resolving as a duplicate of #55, which came later but has a more general title. It seems there is nothing specific here to CoffeeScript, that would not also apply to Typescript, etc. Essentially, source maps need to work.

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