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It is unclear how to get this working once the package is installed. Please add a clear series of steps to go from this point to using the package alongside Chrome Canary.




The video is hard to follow. A simple list of steps in the README would be much more useful in getting the package working.


And of course there are guys, who can only surf with UMTS sticks, and have a bandwith limitation. :( A README would be nice!


I too would appreciate instructions in the README. F.ex.:

  • How do i get the page displayed in the browser? Do I need to kill Chrome and start it with the Cmd-Shift-R and Start Google Chrome with ... ?
  • How does SWI know what URL to load? (e.g. http://localhost:1234/ instead of file://...)
  • What files does it work with? What if I do not have a something.js file but something.html.erb, i.e. a Ruby template for web page with JS in it (reloaded on save by the server automatically)?



Added getting started


Thanks @sokolovstas :)

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