URLs with GET aren't mapped #59

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small sugestion:

I usually use something like ?ver=[version_hash] for production environment and timestamp hash for developers in order to force file reload. Because of this, SWI cannot find files with names like script.js?ver=eabc097c, which is by the way incorrect file name for having '?' in it.

Simple solution would be to add something like this in scriptParsed method:

url_parts[-1] = re.sub(r"\?.*$", "", url_parts[-1])

I won't bother to make pull request for this, because maybe there's better way to write this and it's only this one line to add.

Thank you for this great plugin!


danmosemsft commented Jul 9, 2015

I can't reproduce this. I have a file app.js but I include it like
<script src="app.js?ver=12345"></script>
Now when I debug, the debugger gives back "app.js", ie., the real file name, and it all works fine. So unless you're somehow putting ? in the name of the actual file, or I'm missing the point, then some change in Chrome has fixed this...?

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Whoa, yeah, I reported this almost two years ago. Frankly, I haven't used SWI in a long time, but I'll give it a try.


danmosemsft commented Jul 9, 2015

Yep, I'm trying to put a bit of Microsoft resources into stabilizing it and giving it better Typescript and IE support, and a DOM explorer. I suspect a lot of people tried it and gave up, in the past.

danmosemsft reopened this Jul 9, 2015


danmosemsft commented Jul 9, 2015

Nope, it reproes.

@danmosemsft danmosemsft added bug and removed enhancement labels Jul 9, 2015

@danmosemsft danmosemsft added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 10, 2015

@danmosemsft danmosemsft Some users use query strings as cache breakers
We don't want these to mess up our url mapping.
Strip on url from debuggee, restore on url to debugger, so
this is invisible to our implemention.

Note IE and Chrome tools do show the query string in the tab title,
we could do more work if that is important.

Fix #59

danmosemsft commented Jul 10, 2015


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