Render PowerPoint presentations from R Markdown documents
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R Markdown to PowerPoint

You can render PowerPoint presentations from R Markdown documents. This capability is made possible by recent improvements to Pandoc. See Rendering PowerPoint Presentations with RStudio for more information.


You can generate most elements supported by Pandoc’s Markdown with the PowerPoint output including: Inline formatting; lists; LaTeX math expressions/equations; hyperlinks; block quotations; and more. Additionally, PowerPoint output support these nice features:

  • Images and tables
  • Columns
  • Speaker notes
  • Templates

RStudio v1.2

RStudio version 1.2 bundles Pandoc 2 making it easy to create PowerPoint presentations in R. You can upgrade to the latest version of RStudio by downloading and installing the RStudio Preview.


See the Pandoc manual for specific details. Note: If you want to change the slide size or design you should make those changes in a PowerPoint template and then include reference_doc: mytemplate.pptx in the YAML header.