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Multistage Dockerfile to build Clang 8 as a crosss compiler for Raspberry Pi. See Using Clang as a cross compiler for Raspberry Pi for more details.

If you are using Docker on macOS or Windows, make sure that it can use at least 4GB of RAM, otherwise the build will fail (by default on macOS and Windows Docker will use 2GB of RAM which is not enough to build Clang).


  • Build the image: git clone cd clang-cross-armhf docker build -t clang-cross-debian-armhf .

  • Optional, if you want to remove the intermediary images: docker save -o cross.tar clang-cross-debian-armhf docker image rm clang-cross-debian-armhf docker load -i cross.tar rm cross.tar

  • Create a container: docker run -it --name debian_clang clang-cross-debian-armhf /bin/bash

  • Run an existing container: docker start -ia debian_clang

After you've build the image and created a work container, see the end of my article for the post build steps Using Clang as a cross compiler for Raspberry Pi - Post build steps

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