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Changes in 0.11.2
- Make `...` match zero lines
Changes in 0.11.1
- Fix an issue with Unicode output on Windows (see #149)
Changes in 0.11.0
- Support for GHC 8.0.1-rc2
Changes in 0.10.1
- Automatically expand directories into contained Haskell source files (thanks @snoyberg)
- Add cabal_macros.h and autogen dir by default (thanks @snoyberg)
Changes in 0.10.0
- Support HASKELL_PACKAGE_SANDBOXES (thanks @snoyberg)
Changes in 0.9.13
- Add ellipsis as wildcard
Changes in 0.9.12
- Add support for GHC 7.10
Changes in 0.9.11
- Defaults ambiguous type variables to Integer (#74)
Changes in 0.9.10
- Add support for the upcoming GHC 7.8 release
Changes in 0.9.9
- Add support for multi-line statements
Changes in 0.9.8
- Support for GHC HEAD (7.7)
Changes in 0.9.7
- Ignore trailing whitespace when matching example output
Changes in 0.9.6
- Fail gracefully if GHCi is not supported (#46)
Changes in 0.9.5
- Fix a GHC panic with GHC 7.6.1 (#41)
Changes in 0.9.4
- Print path to ghc on --version
Changes in 0.9.3
- Properly handle additional object files (#38)
Changes in 0.9.2
- Add support for QuickCheck properties
Changes in 0.9.1
- Fix an issue with GHC 7.6.1 and type families
Changes in 0.9.0
- Add support for setup code (see README).
- There is no distinction between example/interaction anymore. Each
expression is counted as an example in the summary.
Changes in 0.8.0
- Doctest now directly accepts arbitrary GHC options, prefixing GHC options
with --optghc is no longer necessary
Changes in 0.7.0
- Print source location for failing tests
- Output less clutter on failing examples
- Expose Doctest's functionality through a very simplistic API, which can be
used for cabal integration
Changes in 0.6.1
- Fix a parser bug with CR+LF line endings
Changes in 0.6.0
- Support for ghc-7.4
- Doctest now comes with it's own parser and does not depend on Haddock
Changes in 0.5.2
- Proper handling of singular/plural when printing stats
- Improve handling of invalid command line options
Changes in 0.5.1
- Adapted for ghc-7.2
Changes in 0.5.0
- Print number of interactions to stderr before running tests
- Exit with exitFailure on failed tests
- Improve documentation
- Give a useful error message if ghc is not executable