GHC panic: mkHsTyWithBndrs:kvs when testing conduit 0.5.5 #41

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clinty commented Dec 15, 2012

Test suite doctests: RUNNING...
doctests: Ouch! Hit an error thunk in GHC's AST while extracting documentation.

GHC panic: mkHsTyWithBndrs:kvs

This is most likely a bug in doctest.

Please report it here:

Test suite doctests: FAIL
Test suite logged to: dist-ghc/test/conduit-0.5.5-doctests.log


sol commented Dec 15, 2012

@clinty Thanks for reporting this. Can you provide the output of doctest --version please?

clinty commented Dec 15, 2012

This happened with doctest 0.9.1 and an earlier version of GHC 7.6 as well.

% doctest --version
doctest version
using version of the GHC API
using /usr/lib/ghc/bin/ghc-

sol closed this in 7b0136a Dec 15, 2012


sol commented Dec 15, 2012

Released to Hackage as doctest-0.9.5.

serras referenced this issue in DanielG/ghc-mod Aug 22, 2014


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