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--- Haddock 2.8.0
+-- Haddock 2.9.0
A new version of Haddock, the Haskell documentation tool, is out!
-The biggest news this time is that we have a shiny new XHTML backend, created
-by Mark Lentczner, which outputs semantically correct XHTML, making it much
-easier to create new themes for Haddock.
-Mark has made an extraordinary effort by going through and rewriting the old
-table based HTML backend, fixing non-standards-compliant quirks, and adding a
-bunch of new useful features on top of that. See the changelog for more
-Included is a new default CSS theme created by Thomas Schilling, Mark and Johan
-Tibell, as well as the classic theme converted to work with the new backend.
-Another great new feature is markup support for examples, contributed by Simon
-Hengel. The idea is to be able to write examples that function both as
-documentation and unit tests.
-Last but not least, we now also have a LaTeX backend. It was written by Simon
-Marlow and it was used to generate the libraries section of the Haskell 2010
-This version is compatible with .haddock files produced by Haddock 2.6.1 and
-above, provided that the version of GHC used to build Haddock stays the same.
+This version is compatible with .haddock files produced by the version of
+Haddock that comes with GHC 7.0.1.
--- Changes in version 2.8.0
+-- Changes in version 2.9.0
- * HTML backend completely rewritten to generate semantically rich XHTML
- using the xhtml package.
- * New default CSS based on the color scheme chosen for the new Haskell
- wiki, with a pull-out tab for the synopsis.
- * Theme engine based on CSS files. Themes can be switched from the
- header menu. (New flags --built-in-themes and --theme. The latter
- is an alias for --css which now has extended semantics).
- * Markup support for executable examples/unit-tests. To be used with an
- upcoming version of the DocTest program.
- * Addition of a LaTeX backend.
+Changes in version 2.9.0
- * Frames-mode can be enabled from the header menu.
+ * Drop support for ghc < 7
- * Path to source entities can be specified per package, so that source
- links work for cross-package documentation.
+ * New flag --qual for qualification of names
- * Support for a second form of enumerated lists (1. 2. etc).
+ * Print doc coverage information to stdout when generating docs
- * Additions and changes to the Haddock API.
+ * Include an 'All' option in the A-Z subdivided index
- * New flag --no-tmp-comp-dir to tell Haddock to read/write
- compilation files (.o, .hi, etc) to/from GHC's output directory instead of
- to/from a temporary directory.
+ * Make TOC group header identifiers validate
- * Various bug fixes.
+ * Minor changes to the API
-- Links
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Hackage page:
Bugtracker and wiki:
@@ -86,13 +50,13 @@ Code repository:
The following people contributed patches to this release:
- Simon Hengel
- Mark Lentczner
- Ian Lynagh
- Simon Marlow
- Simon Peyton-Jones
- Thomas Schilling
- David Waern
+Tobias Brandt
+Mark Lentczner
+Ian Lynagh
+Simon Marlow
+Simon Michael
+Ryan Newton
+David Waern
-- Get Involved

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