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TSFinder: machine learning based framework to infer thread-safety of Java classes.

This work is detailed and published in our ASE 2018 paper:

Is This Class Thread-Safe? Inferring Documentation using Graph-Based Learning.
Andrew Habib and Michael Pradel.
In Proceedings of the 33rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE),
pp. 41-52. ACM, 2018.

This repository contains the source code of TSFinder along with data scripts required to reproduce the results in the ASE2018 paper above.

Requirement to run

  • JDK
  • bash
  • python3
  • python-igraph (pip3 install python-igraph)

Reproducing ASE2018 results

Reproducing our ASE2018 results is almost fully automated. Run the shell script scripts/ and then follow on-screen instructions.

Repository structure

Source code and 3rd party libs:

  • src has the java files for running soot to extract baseline data as well as to build field-focused graphs.
  • python/graph-kernel has python scripts to compute the WL-graph kernel and produce a single vector per class.
  • lib has third-party java libs such as soot, gs-core, and weka.


  • benchmark has the lists of thread-safe and thread-unsafe classes used in the ASE2019 paper. It also has the jdk_rt.jar
  • benchmark/ase2018 has the weka experiments configuration file and the results file from weka will be saved there.
  • output is created after running the experiment script or explicitly calling the individual components of TSFinder. It includes the vectors generated for the baseline, the generated field-focused graphs, computed graph-kernels and associated meta-data; and the vectors representing classes based on the summary of the graph-kernel.

Using TSFinder

I) Supervised training

1- Specify the path to the list of thread-safe and thread-unsafe classes and the path to the target classes you want to analyze in: src/tsfinder/ and python/graph-kernel/

2- To build field-focused graphs, first compile the java sources using javac -cp lib/sootclasses-trunk-jar-with-dependencies.jar:lib/gs-core-1.3.jar:bin/ -d bin/ find src/ -name "*.java"``

3- Now, run the following command to generate field-focused graphs java -cp bin/:lib/sootclasses-trunk-jar-with-dependencies.jar:lib/jdk-8u152-linux-x64/jdk1.8.0_152/:lib/gs-core-1.3.jar tsfinder.graphs.GraphsBuilder

4- To compute the WL graph-kernel of field-focused graphs and obtain a vector per-class, run python3 python/graph-kernel/ --corpus output/graphs_raw/ --h 7

5- Run weka through java -jar lib/weka.jar and load the classes vectors file from output/graphs_vectors.

II) Classifying a new class

coming soon ...


TSFinder is a machine learning based framework to infer thread-safety of Java classes.







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