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This repository contains an example of using PHPUnit to provide custom enumeration of which test files will be included in a Solano CI build.

The solano.yml configuration file demonstrates preparing the workers, specifying solano-test-enumeration.php as the enumeration script, and defines multiple build profiles that change the environment variables used to determine the applicable test files.

The solano-test-enumeration.php script does a "dry run" with PHPUnit (by setting ENUMERATE_FILES=true) to build a list of test files and create the solano-phpunit command that will be used for running tests in parallel.

A custom PHPUnit test case class, must be the base class for the test files to allow a "dry run" to enumerate applicable test files. All of the test files in this repo extend the Custom_PHPUnit_TestCase class, which determines when to enumerate files, and when to call parent::runBare().