Example of using Docker on Solano CI Universal Workers
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Example of using Docker with Solano CI Universal Workers

This repo demonstrates using Docker containers in a Solano CI Universal Worker build.

Notes on solano.yml:
  • The system: docker: true lines enable Docker for the build. It must also be enabled for your Solano CI organization. Please contact support@solanolabs.com if needed.
  • The script: value in a build profile instructs the Universal Worker which file should be executed for the test.
  • The environment: section is used to specify environment variables that will be used when executing tests.
Notes on host-script.sh:
  • Since Universal Workers do not include our standard worker's library of services, daemons, languages, etc., they need to be installed on either the Universal Worker or in the build. This example includes installing mysql-client in the build.
  • Daemons that are needed in the build should be started in the build, as the build environment is separate from the Universal Worker's host environment. This example includes starting a docker daemon with a specific storage driver, graph directory, and logging path.